DIY Lego Table!! (Ikea Changing Table Hack)

My child is already OBSESSED with LEGOS…he’s two! I’m obsessed with DIY and hacks. I’m also on a mission to try and repurpose all that baby crap we accumulated (seriously, how can something so small need so much stuff?!?!?).

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One Saturday morning I was in my basement and saw the Ikea changing table just sitting there begging to be repurposed. And then, all of my Pinterest browsing ideas came together and presto! The Lego Table came to be, here’s what I did:

This is the changing table before. Basic Ikea Gulliver changing table, I think we paid about $69 for it and it worked great until my child grew super fast!

Step 1: Chop off the bottom. I busted out the jig saw (any excuse to use a power tool) and cut off the bottom. I left about 2 inches for new legs and sanded the rough edges from my hack job.

Step 2: Remove bottom shelf from sides.Then I removed the bottom shelf, with a little help 😊, just by unscrewing it from the sides.

Step 3: Place shelf on top and add hinges. The bottom shelf fits perfectly on top! A quick trip to the hardware store and I purchased 2 hinges that I placed at the back. I think he likes it, and it’s the perfect height! I added some soft stick-on protectors in the corners so the top didn’t slam down (see notes below for more thoughts on this).

Step 4: Glue LEGO plates to the top. I cut the sides of a few of the plates we had with utility scissors to make it a perfect fit on the top. Then I used Liquid Nails all purpose glue to glue them down. I placed a few heavy objects on top so they would dry flat. The stripping on the sides is a peel and stick strip made to be compatible with LEGOS, another perfect fit!

Step 5: Add wheels! So, as with most DIY projects, this required another trip to the hardware store, but it was worth it. I found a pack of 4, easy to install casters and we were in business! I just followed the directions on the package, seriously so easy.

Step 6: Add organizational bins inside and at the bottom. I picked up some plastic bins from the dollar store and added the legos. I also placed 2 bins that I already owned at the bottom of the table to fill the open space. More storage!!

A few thoughts for this project…

1. The wheels are great, but I wish they had locks on them. That’s what I get for going cheap but good to know for the next project.

2. The hinges also work great but the top is a little heavy. I’ve been searching for a solution for a soft close or hinge option, so far I haven’t found one that fits. When/if I do, I will update this post.

3. For now, we always supervise and ensure the table is by the wall so the top rests against it. So far it has worked out great.

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