First, find some lilacs!

Lilacs start blooming in spring and early summer. Just make sure you use lilac flowers from a tree or bush that hasn't been treated with chemicals. 

Clean and de-stem the lilac flowers.

Clean the lilac flowers and individually pull them off the stem. Make sure you get the small green part at the bottom as well.

Make some super-fine sugar.

If you don't have superfine sugar, make some using a coffee/nut grinder or food processor. This is different than confectioners powdered sugar which has cornstarch.

Make an egg wash and paint it on the flowers.

In a small bowl, beat the egg white and water together until bubbly. Take each flower and paint it completely with egg wash.

Coat the flower with super-fine sugar.

Place the painted flower in a small dish with the superfine sugar, shake until the flower is completely coated.

Allow the coated flowers to dry.

Place each coated flower on wax paper and allow it to dry completely, this takes a few hours.

How to use your candied lilac flowers.

Candied lilac flowers can be used as decoration on cakes and desserts, as a garnish for a cocktail, or served as a candy treat in a bowl!