1. butter 2. marshmallows 3. puffed rice cereal 4. vegetable shortening 5. vanilla extract 6. salt 7. powdered sugar 8. green food coloring 9. black frosting 10. eyeball candy 11. graham crackers 12. assorted sprinkles

First, make some rice krispie treats.Press the treats firmly into the baking pan to ensure they are nice and packed. Remove them from the pan and cut into rectangles. 

Make some rice cereal treats

Frost each rectangle with a thick layer of frosting and place in the fridge for 15 minutes to firm. This makes decorating easier.

add green frosting

Create the hair and mouth with black decorating frosting. Add eye candies, sprinkles, and any other decoration you would like.

decorate funny faces

1. To make the candy eyes look bloodshot, use an edible marker to draw on them. 2. For the studs on the side of the face, cut up small squares of the graham crackers and push into the side.