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dried orange slices in a dehydrator
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How to Make Dehydrated Oranges

Learn How to make Dehydrated Oranges with this easy guide to use for a healthy snack, a cocktail garnish, or decoration!
Prep Time10 mins
Active Time8 hrs
Total Time8 hrs 10 mins
Course: Condiment, Snack
Cuisine: American
Keyword: cocktail garnish, dehydrated fruit, dehydrated oranges, dehydrator recipe, dried orange slices, healthy snack
Yield: 2 cups
Author: EmilyFabulous
Cost: 5


  • dehydrator
  • mandoline or sharp knife
  • paper towels or clean kitchen towel


  • 6-8 oranges (any type)


  • Wash and dry the oranges. Slice each orange into slices about ¼" thick using a mandoline or a sharp knife You want the slices to be as similar in thickness as possible so that they all dry at the same rate.
    blood orange with a slice
  • Once you have all of your oranges sliced, place them on a paper towel and gently pat the top to remove some of the juice. The dryer the oranges are, the better they will dehydrate! Place each piece on the dehydrator rack until the entire level is full. Fill all of the levels with your orange slices, making sure to leave room around each slice so that the air can circulate them.
    orange slices on a dehydrator
  • Place the lid on the dehydrator and set it to 135º. It will take anywhere from 6-10 hours for the oranges to fully dehydrate. Start checking them around 6 hours. I found that 8 hours was perfect for my slices.
    dried orange slices in a dehydrator
  • Store in a sealable container, like a canning jar, in a cool dark place.
    dehydrated oranges in a glass jar


  • Times will vary depending on how thin the slices are, the climate, the outside and inside temperature at the time, and your dehydrator.
  • Always read the manual for your dehydrator and follow all safety recommendations.