Instant Pot Frozen Beef Stew

You can make a hearty, healthy, and delicious beef stew in your Instant Pot in under an hour…using frozen stew meat and fresh vegetables. This recipe is so easy to make and perfect for a weeknight meal.

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beef stew in a bowl

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Ingredients Needed to Make Beef Stew in under an Hour

  • beef stew meat
  • beef broth
  • Knorr vegetable recipe mix packet
  • carrots, peeled and cubed
  • celery, diced
  • medium onion, diced
  • red potatoes, cubed
  • fresh ground pepper

How to make Instant Pot Stew from Frozen Beef

  • Place the frozen stew meat and 1 cup of beef stock in the Instant Pot and pressure cook on HIGH for 28 minutes. Allow the steam to release naturally.
  • Remove the lid and add the Knorr Vegetable Mix, the prepared vegetables, and 1 more cup of beef stock. Pressure cook on HIGH for 4 minutes. When done, you can quick-release the steam.
  • Season with pepper and serve.

What is Knorr Vegetable Recipe Mix?

Knorr Vegetable Recipe Mix is a premade mix usually found in the soup or dip aisle in your grocery store. It has a ton of vegetables like carrots, onions, tomatoes, celery root, leeks, cabbage, cauliflower, green peas, and potatoes. It pretty much has all of the seasoning and flavor you need to make a delicious and healthy stew. I always have a packet or two in my pantry for emergency dinners or a quick sip to take to a gathering.

knorr vegetable recipe mix

Vegetable Mix Substitution

The vegetable mix mentioned above is very convenient but sometimes it can be hard to find or you may just not have it on hand. If that’s the case try this mix instead:

1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon dried minced onion
1 teaspoon onion powder
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1 teaspoon dried parsley
1 teaspoon ground (dried) turmeric
1 teaspoon dried dill
1 teaspoon ground black pepper
1/4 tsp celery seeds
1 tablespoon salt

If you don’t have everything on the list, that’s ok. Use what you have and what you like. Your beef stew will still turn out great!

Can I Make This Stew if my Beef is not Frozen?

Yes! You can make this stew with unfrozen meat. All you need to do is cut down the meat pressure cooking time to 20 minutes instead of 28 minutes. Follow the rest of the recipe as written and you will have a delicious stew in no time!

easy instant pot beef stew in a bowl
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Can this Beef Stew Recipe be Made in the Slow Cooker?

Yes! You can make this beef stew in the slow cooker. That’s how I used to make this stew before I got my Instant Pot! There are a few small changes to the recipe below:

  • Use meat that has been completely thawed before cooking.
  • You do not need to add beef stock to the slow cooker because the water from the beef and the vegetables will cook out and create a nice broth.
    • You can always add stock at the end of cooking if you want more broth but I would wait until the stew has fully cooked.
  • Place all of the ingredients (minus the beef stock) in the slow cooker and cook on low for 6-8 hours.

What Vegetables to Use for this Beef Stew

I used carrots, celery, onion, and potatoes because that was what I had on hand. Here are some other ideas for vegetables that would also work in this Instant Pot Beef Stew.

  • turnips
  • parsnips
  • mushrooms
  • rutabagas
  • garlic
  • kale
instant pot beef stew in a bowl

What Garnishes work well with Beef Stew?

This Instant Pot Beef Stew is really good right out of the Instant Pot or slow cooker. However, you could add some fresh herbs to the top like parsley, oregano, or chives. I also like to serve mine with a dollop of sour cream. It adds a nice creaminess to the stew and also helps cool the stew off a bit since it’s nice and hot when served.

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beef stew in a bowl

Instant Pot Frozen Beef Stew

Make hearty, healthy, and delicious beef stew using frozen beef in less than an hour in the Instant Pot!
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Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 32 minutes
Steam Release: 18 minutes
Total Time: 55 minutes
Servings: 4 people
Calories: 307kcal
Author: EmilyFabulous
Cost: 15


  • Instant Pot or electric pressure cooker


  • 1 pound stew meat
  • 2 cups beef broth
  • 1 packet Knorr vegetable recipe mix
  • ¾ cup carrots, peeled and cubed
  • ¾ cup celery, diced
  • ½ medium onion, diced
  • ¾ cup red potatoes, cubed
  • freshly ground pepper


  • Place the frozen stew meat and 1 cup of beef stock in the Instant Pot and pressure cook on HIGH for 28 minutes. Allow the steam to release naturally, mine took 18 minutes (don't skip this step or your meat will be tough).
    raw stew beef in the Instant Pot
  • Once the pi drops, carefully remove the lid and put in the Knorr Vegetable Mix.
    knorr vegetable recipe mix
  • Add the prepared vegetables and 1 more cup of beef stock. Place the lid back on the pressure cooker and ensure the steam valve is closed. Pressure cook on HIGH again for 4 minutes. This time you can carefully quick-release the steam. Add pepper if you would like, there is no need to add additional salt since it's in the broth and vegetable dip mix.
    beef stew in the instant pot
  • Add any toppings of choice and serve immediately.
    instant pot beef stew in a bowl


  • Always read the instruction manual that came with your Instant Pot or electric pressure cooker and follow all safety guidelines. 


Calories: 307kcal | Carbohydrates: 29.6g | Protein: 27.1g | Fat: 6.1g | Saturated Fat: 2g | Cholesterol: 75mg | Sodium: 2549mg | Potassium: 263mg | Fiber: 4.2g | Sugar: 5.6g | Calcium: 40mg | Iron: 3mg

Any nutrition calculations are only estimates using online calculators. Please verify using your own data.

beef stew with vegetables in the instant pot
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